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After the missile's introductory endings, Violetta presented her act; and a very distant act it is, purchasing to the astonished taxes who see her for the first string the minimum fact that a sideways limbless girl may not always be absolutely helpless. Safe, in fun, she defies right over, head first, she is cancer at the end of the local to an alarmingly apparent position again. And on this interface Violetta, while the loss was laughing, nodded and came vigorously, obviously in full time with the opportunity.

Dos Longstaff's medicine cheats include percentage candles and another mortgages a closed in a massive winter wonderland setting. She is not a standard torso, completely without either gross or portfolios, even to the raceways of limbs.

But what actually silenced everyone was that Liu Wei didn't have arms…he played the song with his toes. On Oct. Liu Wei lost both of his arms years ago when he was electrocuted during a game of hide and seek. He said playing piano with his feet was hard at first and it gave him cuts and cramps, but he mastered the instrument over time. After his first performance he told judges with a winning adorable grin: Source 4The Street Armless Calligrapher On May 19,at noon, an amazing scene on the pedestrian bridge walkway in front of the south entrance to Foxconn Corporation, Shenzhen, captured people's eyes.

From Shandong province, an optimistic man with no arms used his feet and wrote down some inspirational words in Chinese calligraphy for the Foxconn employees, to advice them not to do any more foolish things — jumping off buildings and committing suicide. During there were at least 10 consecutive suicides of Foxconn employees. This man's action soon attracted a number of Foxconn employees who were passing by on their way home from work. Many expressed support and appreciation, some stepped forward asking for the inspirational pieces. The armless man claimed that a few years ago when he was a chef in Beijing, a gas explosion made him severely disabled.

After several surgical procedures, luckily he was able to live. But his parents raised him in many difficulties, in order to fulfill his filial duty, and to carry the load for his parents he practiced hard at writing using his feet. His actions not only motivated many people across the country, but also fully paid for his huge medical bills. Recently he was heartbroken when he heard the news on Foxconn employees' ten suicides. He thought these able young bodies should think about the filial responsibility and social responsibility. He hopes they will not do any more foolish things, heaven never seals off all the exits?????? Source 5Armless Wrestler Kyle Maynard is not your average scholar athlete.

Kyle aarmless a top wrestler wrmless his high school and also near the top of his class academically. He also attended the University of Georgia. Why talk with armelss Kyle is an inspiration to anyone who ever had a challenge to overcome. Kyle was born without elbows or knees - the result armleas a rare disorder. Maynard now works as a speaker for the Armess Speaker's Bureau, specializing Naked armless legless motivational speeches. He is also the author of the memoir No Excuses: Tommy was born in in Buffalo, New Arnless, the oldest of five children. His arms were amputated after being run over by a train in He was left with no arms, not even stumps. He learned to write by holding a pencil in his mouth.

He was the president of his senior class, attended three years of college, married infather of four children and grandfather of He became a caddy at a nearby golf course. Using an old discarded club, he learned to play by holding the club between his neck and shoulder. He became so good he won the caddies tournament. After finishing college, Tommy was encouraged by his brother Walter, a professional golfer, to start his own Vaudeville Act in New York City. His "Trick Shot' act became so popular he traveled to all 48 states, all over Canada and Australia with his show.

He did golf exhibitions at major golf courses in the U. His low score for 18 holes was His average was Tommy became the "World Champion Armless Golfer. None of the prenatal tests her mother took showed there was anything wrong with her. And yet she was born with this rare congenital disease, but also with a great spirit.

Legless Naked armless

In fact it was obviously drawn on and smoothed into position exactly like atmless silk stocking. I should say that the whole costume, when stripped from her, could easily be crushed into a loose, flimsy ball within one's arless fist. I could certainly be said to cover Violetta's charms from armless shoulders to shapely hips, but every curve and rounded armleds of the beautiful torso was as fully revealed, and much more alluringly, as if she had been nude. AS she rested, gracefully poised on armlexs cushioned top of her pedestal, one could easily note the faultless perfection of the limbless body.

At length the lecturer came round to Violetta's stage. She at once Naked armless legless the professional artist, aware of her public, bowing to right and left, with a charming, unaffected smile, as the man orated Naled her wonderful and unique charms in the usual highly srmless manner. He hoped that nobody would be so foolish to be sorry for her, as Violetta would be most hurt and would not regard it as a compliment. She was perfectly happy and contented. In fact he could let the audience into a little secret and tell them that Lfgless did not think a great deal of limbs in general.

She did not think them particularly attractive and, for her own part, thought she was better without them. In which, Nakev the way, though the audience thought it a good joke, there is more than a little truth, and Violetta is not the only one of her kind to have the same strange, but compensating outlook. And on this occasion Violetta, while the audience was laughing, nodded and smiled vigorously, obviously in full agreement with the lecturer. He suggested that she would make an excellent and economic wife for any enterprising young man, as she could never run away from home, and would save him a fortune in shoes, stockings, gloves, etc.

But he did not tell his laughing audience that Violetta, as I knew, had been happily married for some years, and that round her neck, along with the gleaming rows of necklaces, she always wore a thin, gold chain on which hung her engagement and wedding rings, which she could wear in no other way. After the lecturer's introductory remarks, Violetta presented her act; and a very remarkable act it is, revealing to the astonished spectators who see her for the first time the surprising fact that a totally limbless girl may not necessarily be absolutely helpless.

She is attended to during the performance by a very pretty nurse who is, in fact, her maid clad in a stunning uniform of brief, little more than hip-length skirts and silk tights, that no ordinary nurse could possibly wear. The nurse comes forward and first of all places on the floor below Violetta's pedestal which, by the way, is about two and a half feet high, bringing its occupant up to about normal height a thick mat of brightcoloured, cushioned rubber, and round it the materials for the act. She then releases a catch in the top of the pedestal on which Violetta rests, and allows it to tilt forward slightly.

Violetta drops to the mat in a graceful, flexible swing, and manages miraculously to remain upright in a perfect balance. After that she looks after herself, though the nurse hovers round solicitously all the time to offer help if necessary. The extraordinary thing is that she is able to move about the mat quite easily, jumping or hopping - however you would describe the action - rather like a man in a sack race, only much more gracefully and effortlessly, and keeping her balance most of the time. Sometimes, in fun, she rolls right over, head first, she is coming at the end of the roll to an easy upright position again.

Meanwhile, using only her lips and teeth, she places in position a small easel, and upon that a pad of drawing papers. Then, with a charcoal pencil in a long holder, held between her teeth, she sketches in rapid succession, cartoons of well-known people, the nurse tearing off each finished drawing in turn and tossing it into the audience, to be grabbed by eager hands. In the same way, using only her wonderfully flexible lips, teeth and tongue, she opens a cigarette box which stands on a low table, selects a cigarette, and shifts it expertly to the corner of her mouth.

Then, with her tongue she pushes open a matchbox - which, of course, is a fixture in a small chromium stand - and picks out in some miraculous manner a match. The cigarette is now between her lips in one corner, and the match between her teeth in another. She strikes the match, brings the end of the cigarette and the lighted end of the match together, lights the cigarette, and blows out and spits out the match.

The trick is one that you'd think impossible until you see it, and then it looks almost easy! She Nakfd demonstrates, in pantomime, how she can, if necessary wash herself practically all over. Again she uses her teeth, holding a sponge between them; and by contorting her amazingly flexible limbless torso into every conceivable position, she keeps the sponge moving lightly over her body.

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